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A Word, if You Don't Mind
Dear Teen Me,
It's your junior year of high school and you're pretty miserable. The Lyme's has kicked in, you're single, and you aren't doing well in school. Today, while you chew an aspirin and hope that your knee will stop aching, you think about where you wanted to be at this point. What a silly thing for you to think. You're exactly where you should be, in school, learning how to handle real people who aren't necessarily your friends. And think of how far you've come! Remember in freshman year, when you dressed in those heinous leather pants because you wanted to be a whole new person for high school? Then you realized the people you fought so hard to win favor with…well they were pretty boring. And you learned to judge. Not the best thing in the world, but it's the human condition.
A word about friends. Don't close yourself to any of them. You've been wondering for about a year how you and Justin went from thick as thieves to semi-enemies. This was the guy who calmed you down on 9
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The Sharpshooter
Evelyn Douglas was born to be a sharpshooter. Thats what her father told her as long as she could remember. She preferred revolvers. The heavy weight a solid force in each hand, the sun glinting off each engraved barrel. She could fire a rifle just fine, there wasn't any question there. It was just too slow for Evelyn. She liked her life to be fast, just like she was.
Evelyn only slowed down once a year, for Dia De Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. Her mother was a Mexican beauty, all raven hair and dark eyes. Evelyn looked just like her mother, no matter how pale and European her father might be. She'd sit at the cracked wooden table in her kitchen, and paint intricate designs on each of her tiny sugar skulls. She'd spend the entire day laying down complex scallops and streaks around their eyes and mouths, flowers on their cheeks, making the plain white sugar bright and vivid. She barely remembered her mother, but what flashes she had went into the skulls. The vibrant colors of her sk
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My father
I have waited months to write anything about my father, mainly to give myself time to calm down. And I'm not even sure how I will feel about this, months from now.  But I wanted to say SOMETHING. I want to start this by saying that I love my father, and that I miss him. Every day I wake up and wish I'd called more. It's an unfortunate truth that his very job makes trying to avoid thoughts of him for a while near impossible. The roads are clogged with trucks, and my own office gets an average of 3 deliveries a day. But I wanted to say as well, that not everybody will like this. And not everyone will think I'm doing or saying the right things.
My earliest memories of my father are warm. I remember laughing a lot with him, and that I enjoyed laying on his chest for naps. I remember he was never really cold to the touch, and that I loved him desperately. I don't quite remember when he left. I built up a memory of that moment, something to fill a void I felt shouldn't be there. It
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by avfc4me

This story is...astounding. It makes me so uncomfortable, and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. I'm a person who spen...


Plus Sized Women

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 7, 2010, 10:03 PM

Yay for two rants in one week!

I am a plus sized woman. I am not necessarily pleased with this, but I am not the kind to hide myself behind baggy clothes or stop going out. I am still an attractive woman, and I would rather be my size, than the skeletal size of most of todays's starlets.

I love seeing 'plus sized model' articles. I think its so important to highlight the beauty of every size, and its wonderful when I see a feature of the best. I won't say people my size are always healthy, or unhealthy. But we're raising a generation of women who are terrified to find themselves in the plus sized section, who cover themselves, and lose their spark the moment it happens.

That said, I read an article tonight, "The Hottest Women in the World, Plus Sized Edition". And it just about blew my damn mind. I am not above admitting I have a list of girl crushes almost as long as my guys. At the very top of that list? Christina Hendricks. That woman is beauty personified. The only thing more beautiful than her skin and her body. She is HEALTHY. She's got a gorgeous face, that leads on to an unbelievable bust, and amazing hips. If I could steal one body in Hollywood, it'd be hers. But she is NOT plus sized. And yet she topped this so-called 'Plus Sized List'. And as I went down the list, I realized something. I have been looking at these models, and admiring them...but in most cases, they're only healthy. Seeing a woman in a pair of jeans, with some actual heft to herself...seeing her with an actual hip to jut to one side, or an actual ass....does not actually make a woman overweight, or plus sized.

We sit around and drool over Marylin Monroe. She fluctuated, like every other woman on earth, but she spent time as a size 12. And no one sat around calling her a cow. Because that was healthy. Its insane the standards we're placing on women today, while still loving the curvy, healthy women of yesteryear.

Moving on! Here is the article in question: CRAAAZY

I will admit, a couple girls on there actually ARE plus sized. Mia Tyler for one. But Christina? America Ferrera? She hasn't been 'plus sized' since those Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies. Its just a shit list, of beautiful women being harped on for being healthy. I love how the writer starts off by saying that men hate ribs...I've known those men, I am dating one of those men, and am friends with others (including the other person in my life who wants Christina Hendricks :D) and they don't call these women plus sized, fat, whatever.

I think its hilarious, that when a man gets as thin as the highest ranked women out there, the media freaks out and asks what happened. But no one worries about the girls until they look like Rachael Zoe....and even then, you get a quick 'OMG LOOK' and then she's left to starve herself a little bit more. know what? I'm done. Usually rants calm me down, and this is just making me more pissed off. In conclusion: There is a fucking grey area between skeleton and fatty, and its called healthy. And Christina Hendricks is fucking hot. Other than that, I give up.

I'M OUT!!!!

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